Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cover Page Progress 1

Since my last post I've added in the masthead, as well as the information that features on all newspapers, this will be the date, price and website.

Below is a screenshot:

Starting my Cover Page

I've now finished my research and will start to make my Newspaper. I thought it was best to start with the cover page. I used the page sizes from the Sunderland Echo as well as the measurements of each section from the Chronicle cover.
Below is a screenshot:

Cover Page Flat Plans

Below is the flat plan for my cover. The plan was created using Publisher and then exported to a JPEG.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Newspaper Sizes

To create an authentic newspaper I want the sizes of my work to be realistic. I looked at the sizes of three newspapers. These included The Journal, a National Broadsheet, The Shields Gazette and Sunderland Echo, both local newspapers.
The Sizes for the newspapers are as follow, these measurements are when the magazine is open.

The Journal
Width 59.7cm
Height 36cm

Shields Gazette
Width 58.1cm
Height 37cm

Sunderland Echo
Width 58.1cm
Height 36.9cm
I noticed that both the local newspapers are of similar size and there is only a slight difference in the height of the newspaper. That is why I will make the size of my magazine 58.1cmx37cm so it follows the same convention of pre existing local newspapers.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Article Ideas

My questionnaire wanted me to focus on a tabloid newspaper, with a dominant focus on celebrity news alongside sport and local development. In existing local newspapers there is a dominance around football clubs so this would be a path to follow. However I wish to create an article on local development with  celebrity influence. An example article on the Chronicle website is Gogglebox stars supporting a charity. I will use this article as an influence for mine when I write it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Questionnaire: The Questionnaire

Create your own user feedback survey

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Questionnaire: Purpose

I will be creating a questionnaire to see what my target audience expect from a local magazine. I will ask them about the design and content of the newspaper to see whether this meets the general conventions of a newspaper.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Radio Consumption

Individuals who listen to radio have a close relationship to the radio stations. Individuals trust what they hear on the radio more than they see on TV or read in print. Radio occupies over a third of the media day for 16-34 year olds. Radio has low advertisement avoidance levels, a study showed that the advertisements featured on radio stations are avoided less than other advertisements on different forms. adverts are shorter on radio as companies know that it is pointless to have a long advert on radio with no visual aids as it will lose the interest of its listeners.

Red Top Tabloids

Red top tabloids form a type of 'gossip' journalism. They are known for writing articles that deliberately ignite controversy and only report attention grabbing stories.

Below is an analysis of The Sun logo:

Media Consumption

Media Consumption is the sum of entertainment and Information media taking in by an individual or a group. It covers all type of media including reading books and magazines, watching TV and film as well as listening to radio.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daily Mirror - Cover Analysis

Below is a Prezi discussing the conventions of a Tabloid Newspaper cover, below the prezi are some additional notes.

Sensationalist Story - Like the Evening Chronicle to get the attention of the readers the Daily Mirror has included a dramatic story as the main body. it fallows the conventions of Gatlung and Ruge's Newsworthy theory they have included an elite person with unexpectedness. The language is basic to attract an audience that isn't as intelligent that may be associated with Newspapers, this may be because this is quite a strong subject that may influence the view of others depending on how much of a fan they are of Jeremy Clarkson.

Combination of the Image and Article - In contrast to the image on the Evening Chronicle the image is much smaller, however, this may be to highlight the cover-line more than the actual celebrity. Many people know who Clarkson is and the 'mistakes' that he has made so when you read the name Clarkson you automaticly assume it is Clarkson and the image is just there to ensure the readers that it is about him.

Evening Chronicle and The Journal Page 2 Analysis

I have analysed the Page 2 of two different newspapers. I analysed the second page of The Evening Chroncile as well as The Journal. They are included below:

Monday, 7 September 2015

The Evening Chronicle - Cover Analysis

The Prezi analyses the cover of the Evening Chronicle, below are additional notes to the Prezi presentation discussing how the cover of the Evening Chronicle will attract readers.

Sensational Story - The language used on the main body of the article are dominant and extreme. The cover line uses these words to attract their audience. The Evening Chronicle will do this to create a 'drama' and sell the paper, having a story like this will allow for the paper to create more stories and issues off of the story.
Combination of image and article - The image that is used helps with the dramatic influence of the cover line on the main body of the article. having it look like the paper was torn and the image shown beneath it adds to the dramatic effect of the article.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Newspaper Categorisation

Below is a mind map showing how newspapers categorise their stories.

It is known that newspapers can't always get the audience to engage in hard news stories like they do with soft news stories.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Change of Plan

Rather than filming a short film as part of my A2 coursework as I initially planned, I'm instead going to create a local newspaper. I will follow the brief set out by the exam board in which I will create the first two pages of the newspaper along with a billboard poster and radio advertisement.