Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daily Mirror - Cover Analysis

Below is a Prezi discussing the conventions of a Tabloid Newspaper cover, below the prezi are some additional notes.

Sensationalist Story - Like the Evening Chronicle to get the attention of the readers the Daily Mirror has included a dramatic story as the main body. it fallows the conventions of Gatlung and Ruge's Newsworthy theory they have included an elite person with unexpectedness. The language is basic to attract an audience that isn't as intelligent that may be associated with Newspapers, this may be because this is quite a strong subject that may influence the view of others depending on how much of a fan they are of Jeremy Clarkson.

Combination of the Image and Article - In contrast to the image on the Evening Chronicle the image is much smaller, however, this may be to highlight the cover-line more than the actual celebrity. Many people know who Clarkson is and the 'mistakes' that he has made so when you read the name Clarkson you automaticly assume it is Clarkson and the image is just there to ensure the readers that it is about him.

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