Monday, 22 February 2016

Radio Advert: Voice Sample

I've now decided on what I'd like to include on my Radio Advert, the next thing I decided to do was to record voice samples to see how the voices sounded and the expected length of each. I recorded them on my phone but I plan to record the actual radio advert on a Dictaphone.

Radio Advert: Decisions

These are the plans of my Radio Advert:

I'd like my radio advert to be 30-40 seconds long.
There will be a variety of people in voice box style telling the readers why they buy the newspaper.
I will have background music, this will more than likely be by a Geordie singer to keep to the theme of it being a local newspaper being local.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Page 2: Progress 6

Since my last post I've decided on my the article title.
The title was decided through a survey on survey monkey, the survey was placed on my blog and was completed by my target audience.

Below is a screenshot:

Page 2: Progress 5

Since my last post I've added in the article I followed the convention of using a small font to fit in more of the article onto the page however rather than using Times New Roman like most newspapers I decided to use Minion Pro.
Below is a screenshot:

Monday, 15 February 2016

Page 2: Progress 4

Since my last post I've placed in two frames, one is on the Here For You section of the green sidebar and the second on the main article which is where I'd like to place the article image. I will use these both as guides for when I add in my article and image.

Below is a screenshot:

Page 2: Progress 3

Since my last post I've finished the sidebar, on this I've added a Here For You section in which the family notices contact details are. I've added an online section with links to the website and social media links. I have also added a corrections and comments section. I have finally added an advertising section.

Below is a screenshot:

Independent Press Standards Office (IPSO)

Friday, 12 February 2016

Page 2: Progress 2

Since my last post I've continued to work on the contents column. I've added in the newspaper features and their pages as well as contact numbers in which if the readers would like to contact any department of the newspaper they can.

Below is a screenshot: