Monday, 18 January 2016

Page 2: Progress 1

Since starting my double page I've added in the contents columns, which also features an address for the newspaper office, website links as well as social  media websites.

Below is a screenshot:

Page 2: Change of Plan

On my previous article post I discussed my plans for my articles. since then I looked more into my Style Model and noticed that rather than having numerous articles on the page they have one which is the one featured on the main body of the cover. The article I will write about focuses on Tilly who was an X Factor winner started to take drugs and how her life from then has deteriorated.

My style model, The Evening Chronicle thrives on these types of stories and articles, this is because it is about local 'celebrities' who will attract a younger audience. These celebrities are also relatable for the readers, especially younger females, because they class themselves as 'real' people. Also what they do is so extreme that the media can thrive on making stories about them whether they are true or not because they know that readers want to know more about them.

Page 2: Starting Page 2

I started creating page 2 by looking into the measurements of my style model, the Evening Chronicle. As I wanted my product to be realistic I took the measurements of an existing newspaper in which I will follow the sae number of columns per page and similar features.

Below is an image of the Evening Chronicle measurements.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Poster Progress 10

Since my last post I have added in an image of the Metro Logo, this is because I felt it wouldn't draw more of an audience if it was just cover lines and one image. I have also added the rest of my cover lines to make the final piece.

However, when I receive feedback from my Target Audience I may make changes to my work.

Below is a screenshot:

Poster Progress 9

Since my last post I have added more cover lines to my poster. I decided that I wanted my cover lines to be closer to the name but still have distance to make the name of the newspaper stand out against the rest.

Below is a screenshot:

Poster Progress 8

Since my last post I have started to add cover lines to my poster. I based these cover lines on those that I found on the Chronicle website as these are local news stories.

Below is a screenshot:

Poster Progress 7

Since my last post on deciding I wanted to change my poster from landscape to portrait I have started from the bottom of my poster adding the newspaper name, Twitter and Facebook logo as well as an image of the Angel of the North.

Below is a screenshot:

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Poster Progress 6

Since my last post I've decided i don't like my poster landscape and will instead change the layout of the poster to make it portrait. it will still have the same design features (e.g. images and cover lines).

Poster Progress 5

Since my last post I have added more cover lines to my pioster in order to make the coverline pattern flow. I have changed the colour of the newspaper name on the poster to stand out against the cover lines however this is not the final colour choice.

Below is a screenshot:

Poster Progress 4

Since my last post I've added more cover lines to my poster. I have now started to arrange the cover lines on the poster.
Below is a screenshot:

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Poster Progress 3

Since the last progress post I've cut out the Image of the Sage Gateshead I took as well as add the cover lines to the poster. The layout of the poster isn't final as I still need to add more images of Newcastle land marks.

Below is a screenshot:

Poster Progress 2

Since my last post I've added an image of the Angel of the north to my poster, again I've cut this image out from a image I've taken already. I've also added a cover line using the font that was used for my masthead.

Below is a screenshot of the poster progress.

Poster Progress 1

Since my last poster progress post I've cut out the image of the Metro sign and Tyne Bridge from two photos that I've taken. I've then added them to the poster following the guidelines that I set out on the poster. I've also decided on a font for my magazine masthead which I will use on the poster, I've also placed this on the poster.

Below is a screenshot of the progress I've made.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Advertisement: Starting My Poster

I've decided to create a landscape poster. I've started my poster by creating the layout of my poster to make it look like my style model. Below is a screenshot of the layout of my poster.

Radio Advert Research

O2 Pay As You Go Advert:

Tesco Price Drop Advert:

  • In the o2 advert there is background music partway through the track, this will be to attract the audience to listen in. I will add background music to the track to exploit that convention and also attract the audience.
  • Both adverts point out the positives of their product, e.g. the Tesco advert lists what is on the 'price drop'. Again I will exploit this convention by listing what my newspaper has to offer.
  • Both adverts are 30 seconds long or less again I will exploit this convention by doing the same. 

Poster: Cover Lines I've Created

Using article titles from the Chronicle Website, I created my own cover lines that I will be able to use on the poster for my newspaper. Below is an example of a cover line I created as well as the article from the Chronicle website.

Poster: Photos I've Took

Newcastle Quayside is a well known area of Newcastle and Gateshead, it is the location of many landmarks that are well know in the area.

Below are some of the Images that I've took to use on my poster.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Poster: Cover Lines

Like the poster I found from Google, i will include cover lines that relate to Newcastle on the page. to find articles that relate to Newcastle I went on the Evening Chronicle website to see what articles they feature.

Below are example articles.