Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Advert Research and How I'll Use The Conventions

When I searched for images using google images to use for my advertisement I came across the following adverts:

Advert 1:

- I like how the poster itself combines images and text to make a poster that is eye catching.
- I like how the text and images relate to each other, i.e. about the Greek currency fall.
- I like how the newspaper itself is in colour while the rest is in black and white.
- I don't like how the poster is landscape, when I'm creating my poster I will  make it portrait.
My Work:
- When creating my poster I will include elements of North East iconography, e.g. The Tyne Bridge.
- I will include cover lines on the poster that may feature in my article.

Advert 2:
- I like the simplistic designs of the poster.
- I like how the only image they've used is the actual logo for the newspaper, this shows continuity for the newspaper.
- A negative element of the poster is that I don't like the way they portray the newspaper, even though they've pointed out the benefits of the newspaper, I would instead prefer to include cover lines on the poster.
My Work:
- I will go for a simplistic look on the newspaper by only having the font and images in black and white.
Conventions that don't feature:
Both posters don't include social media links or the logos for them sites. I will ensure that I use them as it allows for convergence across multi-media platforms.