Thursday, 14 April 2016

Evaluation Question 2: Part 2

How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Products and Ancillary Tasks?

As newspaper sales are down, the Newspaper industry is moving on-line and the number of websites relating to newspapers increases. As well as an increase in websites there is also an increase in the number of social media pages for each newspaper many having their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Not only is it just national newspapers moving on-line local newspapers are also moving on-line, including my style model, The Evening Chronicle. Below is a screenshot of their website:

To promote my Newspaper I will use convergence, this is because along with my ancillary tasks of a radio advert and a poster. In the long run to keep up with modern day my Newspaper would have to also move on-line, this doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a physical copy of the newspaper it would just mean that there would be more than one way to access the information, having an on-line version would meet one of the four needs set out in the Uses and Gratifications Theory; this need is Surveillance and Information, this is because like my physical newspaper having an on-line version also allows readers to have access to information and that is the reason individuals would buy a newspaper.

Including the social media logos on my poster shows an element of convergence as it allows readers to interact with the newspaper in different forms as well as the other readers, this will contribute to the Uses and Gratifications theory as social media allows interaction, not only with the newspaper itself but with other readers of the newspaper. if individuals 'like' what they see on-line they will more than likely move over to a physical copy of the newspaper and buy it.

When advertising my newspaper using local radio is really beneficial, this is because the radio is for local people and more than likely the individuals who consume local radio are more than likely going to buy a local newspaper, so advertising on radio means that I would be advertising to my target audience. Also local radio is also specific to the area so it is important to target my product to the specific audience like on my newspaper cover the EasyJet advert is targeted to those who live in Newcastle.

My Radio Advert features a variety of different people who all come from different walks of life. They are all Geordies showing that they are connected with one another and to reiterate my radio advert of 'keeping the community connected'. The radio advert and the billboard poster work well together as they point out reasons why individuals will buy the newspaper, this is because the radio advert represents the different personalities who read the newspaper and the poster demonstrates the headlines that feature on the newspaper and how they then relate to those individuals buying it, for example there is a cover line on the poster stating 'NUFC WIN!' this will relate to the individual on the radio advert who stated he bought the newspaper for the sports.

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