Thursday, 25 June 2015

Preliminary Task Analysis

For the A2 element of the course our preliminary task was to create a chase sequence, for this task I worked with Amy, Taylor and Natasha. The storyline of the sequence was to train the character, Natasha, in preperation for a marathon. Hence the soundtrack Eye of the Tiger.

Myself and Amy took the role of filming the majority of the sequence while the two point of view shots were filmed by Natasha and Taylor. We used a camera and a tripod to film the sequence at different points around the school examples being staircases and the outside area, the use of the tripod allowed shots to remain stable on uneven surfaces.

In the sequence there was a problem with continuity, this is because on the second day of filming both Taylor and Natasha wore different clothes. Which is noticeable halfway through the sequence.

The editing for the sequence was completed by Taylor, who used iMovie to edit the sequence and speed up some of the shots to make it comical. The footage was then exported and uploaded to YouTube.

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