Thursday, 23 October 2014

Marjorie Fegusons Use of Facial Expressions

In 1980 Marjorie Ferguson coined four terms for four different poses for magazine covers.
They are called: Chocolate Box,Invitational, Super Smiler and Romantic or Sexual.

Chocolate Box:
This is a half or full smile with lips together but can be slightly parted as long as teeth are just barely visible. the face is either full to the camera or three quarters of the way. The mood of the artist is that they're portraying warmth.

Emphasis on the eyes. The mouth is shut or with only a hint of a smile. The head is to one side or looking back on the camera. The projected mood is suggesting mystery with the hint potential contact rather than sexual promise.

Full face, wide open toothy smile, head thrust forward with the chin thrown back. The hair is often wind-blown. The projected mood is a demanding, 'look-at-me' approach.

Romantic or Sexual
The classification is devised to include male and female models. the models are portrayed as overtly sensual or sexual. They're projected as 'available'

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